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Curriculum Intent - Mathematics 

We aim for all our children to develop a lifelong enjoyment of mathematics; it is a creative subject that is fundamental to life providing a foundation for the understanding of science, engineering and economics.  


We expect all our children to develop both conceptual and procedural fluency. Without these, resilience in maths is very difficult. They will have a good understanding of the mathematical concepts, operations and connections, plus the skills to carry out procedures accurately, efficiently and appropriately. For strategic competence, they will have the ability to formulate, represent and solve mathematical problems. This is particularly relevant for cross curricular learning e.g. science, design technology, computing, etc. 


Our children will reason mathematically, giving them a confidence and appreciation of the subject and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity within it. We want them to move through the stages of reasoning; describe, justify, convince and prove by working systematically, while developing and using a rich mathematical language.  

Problem Solving: 

At Tollgate, children will have sufficient understanding and unconscious competence in order to succeed. They will use and compare different approaches focusing on patterns and connections. Our aim is for them to consider the problem and use existing knowledge to solve, monitor, reflect and communicate effectively. They will anticipate practical problems that might arise when working mathematically. 

At Tollgate we encourage children to enjoy maths so that they feel secure enough to think deeply, reason, problem solve and apply their learning to real life situations, as well as appreciating maths for its own sake. 

To support your child further, below is a list of some websites that can help your child and encourage them to enjoy maths through games and challenges:



‘Mathsframe’ has more than 200 interactive maths games. All resources are designed, by an experienced KS2 teacher, to help children to visualise numbers, patterns and numerical relationships and to develop their mathematical thinking. New games are added regularly.



‘Topmarks’ is a brilliant website that has a range of maths games to support learners throughout junior school. They’ve been busy making more maths games this summer and their latest ‘Number Fact Families’ is aimed at 6 to 11 year olds. Like all Topmarks’ games it is tablet friendly and it works brilliantly on an interactive whiteboard in full-screen mode.



‘Crickweb’ has 77 Free Online Math Games for children - Ages 8-11 Years. There are children’s games and resources for PC or Mac. Help your child with maths at home: cool maths games help children have fun while they learn



‘Mathszone’ has a range of interactive maths games and activities that link very closely to the activities that the children will encounter at Tollgate. They are easy to play and have engaging sound effects.

BBC Bitesize


‘BBC Bitesize’ is an excellent website for Year 5 and 6 children to review, practise and test themselves of areas of the junior school maths curriculum.

Times Tables Rockstars


In either paper form or online, Times Tables Rock Stars is a carefully sequenced programme of daily times tables practice.

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