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Online Safety

Concerned about your child's use of technology? In need of some advice? Why not install the BBCs Ownit app onto your child mobile phone. 


Worried about your kids getting their first phone or how they are using their existing mobile? You’re not alone.

The BBCs ‘Own It’ app is a new, free app designed to support, help and advise children, in the moment, when they use their phones to chat and explore the online world. It can help them to stay safe and make smart choices.

If your child sends a message in any chatroom, for example, a face will be shown depending on the content. If the message is threatening / bullying or includes personal information such as an address or phone number, it will give an immediate message asking you stop and think; do you really want to send this message? So many of the children I speak to about ‘online’ issues have said they sent things without thinking and immediately wished they hadn’t…

In addition it is a good:

Why not install it now! Download now from your Apple or GooglePlay app store for FREE.

Need help setting up parental controls? You are not alone. Click this link for support and advice:

Know and follow the age restrictions:

Social Media Apps and Online Games have age restrictions to protect your children. There are many potential risks for children who spend time on Social Media and Gaming including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Inappropriate content – The internet is full of inappropriate content for children, such as swearing, sexual content, violence and other adult themes. If your child was to come across such content, would they know what to do? Would they ask you? Would you be confident in supporting them through this?
  • Grooming – Instances of adults making contact with children through gaming in particular is on the rise (this has recently been in the BBC news). If your child was to come across such contact, would they know what to do? Would they ask you? Would you be confident in supporting them through this?
  • If your child lies about their age in order to gain access to social media or online games, it enable perpetrators to have a legitimate defence of believing that the child was, in fact, of adult age.
  • Online bullying – this can come both from people the children know in the real world, and those who they don’t.
  • Addiction – Games in particular are often designed to be addictive (just 1 more level/coin/life etc.) which can result in children not sleeping enough, or simply not spending free time engaging in the real world with real friends and being active.


More information about age restrictions is given on the following websites:

Top Tips for Parents

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