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Start and finish times for the year group bubbles are as follows~ Year 6: 8.15 am - 2.40 pm; Year 5: 8.30 am - 2.55 pm; Year 4: 8.45 am - 3.10 pm; Year 3: 9.00 am - 3.25 pm.


This year, due to Covid 19, unfortunately we are unable to open the school in the way we would normally for viewings. We have made this video to share with you to give you a small taste of what life at Tollgate is like. We hope you enjoy it! Should you wish to know more about the school please contact us on 01323 723298.


A warm welcome from the Headteacher

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. You will want your child to be safe and happy at school, where the learning is meaningful and enjoyable. Our children are excited about coming to school and being part of our learning community where everyone is valued, respected and cared for. We are committed to meeting the individual needs of each child and we work in close partnership with all of our families in order to ensure our children are successful and responsible members of the community. Vital to this partnership is our ‘open door’ policy that ensures parents and carers feel confident in approaching the school in the event of a query or concern.

We believe that Tollgate Community Junior School provides a journey whereby success is met with celebration; achievements are met with rewards and difficulties met with support, resulting in keen and motivated learners who have a well-developed understanding of the world and their role within it. Our curriculum is broad, balanced and enriching, making the most of first-hand learning opportunities.

We hope that this website gives you a flavour of what life is like at Tollgate. We would also like to personally welcome you to our school in order for you to experience for yourself the unique ethos and opportunities that our children enjoy. We hope very much that you and your family will become part our learning community and will want to take advantage of all that we have to offer.

Welcome to our school.

Mr S. Dennis

Together Everyone Achieves More

We are all born with an innate capacity to learn. How successful we are can depend on a variety of factors including how we feel about ourselves, our ability to recognise how we learn best, how good we are at practising things and being able to make links with what we already know. At Tollgate we recognise that we have children with a tremendous amount of potential and our aim is to exploit this with parental help.

School News Feed
  • Important
    27 November 2020
    'School Tour' video
    Dear Parents/ Carers Promotional Video update The promotional video is now finished and we are really pleased with the results. The vast majority of the filming features the small group of children whose parents were contacted individually prior to filming began. There is some footage of other children in the playground, for whom we have existing permission slips already on file. Because the film is of such good quality, it’s file size means it will have to be uploaded to our website via YouTube. This means that it can be found on YouTube direct, as well as via the school website. We expect the video to be available on the website next week…please feel free to view it! Kind regards Mr Dennis
  • School_meals
    26 November 2020
    Christmas Lunch
    Dear Parents/Carers Please see attached information around this years Christmas Lunch arrangements. The booking form will also come home with your child today as a hard copy. Kind regards
  • Important
    20 November 2020
    Dear Parents, I hope your week has gone well and that you are all OK. I have been asked to remind parents of the need to socially distance please, both in the playground (for parents and carers collecting Years 3 and 4 children), and also when waiting outside the school on the pavement. This is particularly important if you have a child from St Andrew's who are currently self isolating because of the school closure. The outbreak of Covid at St Andrew's has brought it home to us all that we are not immune to an outbreak. You have all been absolutely fantastic in your support and understanding and the way you have 'cheerfully' (!) waited in the cold and rain for drop-off or collection of your children. With encouraging news of a vaccine being available in the Spring, we are so nearly 'there' so I would ask you to keep being careful. Thank you so much and wishing you all a good weekend, Mr Dennis
  • Important
    19 November 2020
    Dear Parents/Carers, Please find attached upcoming webinars and discussions groups from Parent Support Organisation 'Open for Parents'. Open for Parents can provide support around the following and more. Bedtime routines Challenging Behaviour in Public E- Safety Managing Anxiety and Raising Resilient Children Helping your child to reach their full potential (children with additional needs). For further details see attached. This support is open to both Primary and secondary pupils. Kind regards, Mrs Dale
  • Important
    18 November 2020
    Dear Parents and Carers, With the closure of the Year 1 Bubble at St Andrew's C.E. Infant school, this is a reminder that should we need to close a class or Year group, it may be at very short notice. Parents and carers would be notified the evening before, but possibly on the morning or even during the school day in the event of a positive case at school. It is essential that all parents and carers have access to PING or check the school website daily where a copy of notifications are posted. I would therefore urge all parents and carers to have a plan in place for childcare provision, which I know can be difficult, particularly in the current situation. However, whilst we are doing everything we can to make sure staff and children are at a low risk of contracting Covid whilst at school, it is probably inevitable that at some point, we will have a positive case from a child or a member of staff. Thank you for your continued support and sending you all every good wish, Mr Dennis
  • Important
    16 November 2020
    Parent support information
    Dear Parents /Carers Please see the attached information regarding access to parent support. Kind regards Mrs Willgrass
  • General
    5 November 2020
    Ventilated classrooms
    Dear Parents/Carers The government has introduced a new expectation that schools must make sure they are "always keeping occupied spaces well ventilated" to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The new instruction states that schools must always keep occupied spaces "well ventilated" to prevent the spread of the disease. With this in mind, and as the colder weather is now upon us, we actively encourge the children to wear/bring in extra layers to wear whilst in their classrooms, as the windows will stay open at all times throughout the day. This could be in the form of an extra sweatshirt, or fleece (these are available to purchase from the Mapac School Uniform website) or maybe just an under layer beneath their existing uniform. Please see below a couple of links to the school uniform available: https://www.mapac.com/education/parents/uniform/tollgatecommunityjuniorschoolbn236nl/fleece-jacket https://www.mapac.com/education/parents/uniform/tollgatecommunityjuniorschoolbn236nl/v-neck-sweatshirt Kind regards Mrs Willgrass
  • Home_learning
    4 November 2020
    TT Rock stars
    Dear Parents/Carers Please see the attached information regarding TT Rockstars. Kind regards Mrs Willgrass
  • Important
    4 November 2020
    Important information
    Dear Parents/Carers Please see the attached letter. Kind regards Mrs Willgrass
  • Important
    2 November 2020
    Tutor guidance
    Dear Parents/Carers Please see the attached guidance that is recommended for you to follow if you are looking to employ a private tutor for your child. Kind regards Mrs Fegan
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