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Accelerated Reader

At Tollgate, we love reading.  We want all our children to become fluent, accurate readers. Our aim is to encourage a lifelong love of reading. Accelerated Reader (AR) is a computer-based reading program to help with this.

How Accelerated Reader (AR) works

We know that children who read books that are too easy or too hard for them become bored and may give up reading.

With AR we help your child pick a book at their level, which they read at their own pace. This way they are more likely to enjoy reading and progress in their learning.

When they finish the book, they take a short quiz on the computer at school. Children record their quiz scores in their reading diary.

Children do not have to take a quiz for every book they read, but they tend to enjoy taking them. The quizzes show whether your child understood what they read. With this feedback the teacher can help your child set targets and ongoing reading practice.

Your child’s teacher will also share reports with you on how they are doing through the year.


Your child’s reading level

Children take a Star Reading test to find out their reading level. They do this four times a year:

  • Test 1: At the start of the new academic year (September)
  • Test 2: At the end of term 1 (October)
  • Test 3: At the end of term 3 (February)
  • Test 4: At the end of term 5 (May)

This helps identify a range of books that will challenge but not frustrate your child. Books on the scheme have a book level (difficulty) and an interest level (themes and ideas).


Help your child become a better reader

As with anything, ability improves with practice. Encourage your child to read at home. Show that you value reading. Reading with your child, no matter what their age, helps build a love of reading and learning.

According to research, children who read at least 35 minutes a day with good understanding see the greatest gains. At Tollgate, we have a ‘Read and Relax’ session in school each day for 20 minutes. We expect each child to read at home for 15 minutes each day

You can help your child find books that are interesting to them. Visit the Accelerated Reader Bookfinder website and click on ‘Advanced Search’. You can search for titles based on their Book and Interest Levels. Choose from fiction or non-fiction on a range of topics. Get a copy at home, in class or from the school library. 

For more information, see the parent’s guide, contact your child’s class teacher or go to the Accelerated Reader website.

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